Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old School and Hip Hop Mixes are Alive with The DJ Rex Show

Fans of party music mixes can hear their favorite tunes on The DJ Rex Show, mixing live every Thursday 2PM-3PM, Pacific, on Perspective Donald Quintana, also known as DJ Rex in the Southern California club circuit, plays a blend of 70's, 80's, disco, freestyle, old school, funk, flashbacks, new wave, classic house, hip hop, r&b, electro and much, much more.

Deejaying at house parties since the age of 10, DJ Rex has been around the music scene for close to two decades. As an industry pioneer, he recalls the days when DJs "crashed" backyard parties while slinging crates of vinyl records hoping to be given the chance to mix. Today, DJs have become a staple of club scenes and are often scheduled way in advance for an event.

And also nowadays, DJ Rex stores his songs on a MacBook and uses a software called Serato Scratch Live to play party music. No longer is he burdened with carrying crates and crates of vinyl from club to club. Nevertheless, his mixes remain genuine and the music is still captivating.

DJ Rex can be reached on The DJ Rex Show is rebroadcasted everyday at 5PM, 8PM, 3AM Pacific.  You can also follow him on twitter

Renato Aquirre

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  1. DJ Rex was awesome! Easy to work with. We had a huge party at Senor Fish in Downtown L.A... we even requested special theme songs to dance to like: the original 90210 theme song! And he mixed LIVE to the max! We had a great time. Thanks DJ Rex!!!