Thursday, November 4, 2010

THE DJ REX SHOW September 23, 2010

Murder Rap - Above the Law
No More Worries - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
W.O.E. Is Me (World of Entertainment) - Jurassic 5
Watch What You Do - Freestyle Fellowship
Pandemonium - The Pharcyde
Packet Event - LMNO
Rally 'Round The Home Team - A-Team
All Day - Abstract Rude
Everybody C'mon - Ugly Duckling
Takeoff - Aceyalone
No Retreat - Dilated Peoples
King Kong - L.A. Symphony
Killing Spree - Defari
Touch The Stars - Blackalicious
Make Your Mind Up - Souls of Mischief
Other MCs - Haiku D'etat
K Sera Sera (Six Feet Remix) - Justin Warfield
Hole In The Head - Cypress Hill

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